Cleaning and Bird Spike Abatement

 This is a deep clean solar shine we did on a very respected customers of ours in Pittsburg, California. He is actually a drone pilot for a living and made an amazing drone video of one of our crews doing a cleaning and bird spike pest abatement service on this customers ridge caps of their home. The video is long, about 24 minutes but it is very thorough. Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoy! 

Solar Shine’s Solar System Cleaning

Hey folks the other day we posted about a cleaning here in Oakley we had that was 27 panels. We also mentioned that we had a videographer coming out to get some cool drone footage and by all means he outdid himself. We are extremely grateful for the video our guy produced for us and we hope you are too! Here’s a step by step of what a typical cleaning and day here at Solar Shine looks like. Thanks for tuning in!