Restore Your Homes Energy With A Deep Clean Method Solar System Cleaning

Other Services Provided By Solar Shine


Premium External Home Care

We offer a wide rage of services as a solar panel cleaning company such as:

-Solar Panel Deep Cleaning

-Hazordous Material Clean Up

-Debris Removal

-Gutter Cleaning 

-Window Cleaning

-Pressure Wahing 

-Pest Abatement Including Solar Mesh & Bird Spikes


“Joshua arrived exactly on time, and completed the cleaning of our solar panels in about 1 hour. Our home is 3 1/2 years old, in an area with constant construction. We never have had our solar panels cleaned before and knew that they must be dusty and covered in dirt by now. We own an electric vehicle,which we charge often and are always looking to save on our electric bills. We have been measuring our solar power generation on a regular basis. Today, after the cleaning it is up about 15%. We now understand the benefit of this important "housecleaning"! We highly recommend Solar Shine and Joshua!“

“Joshua cleaned our 45 panel system today which was caked with bird poop! The before/after photos were amazing. Thank you Josh for you efficiency, communication and prompt service!!”

“Finally had my solar panels cleaned by Solar Shine (Joshua Laine) 10/4/18.

I should have done this a few months ago. They were very dirty. They look GREAT now.

I waited to review to check production which has DEFINITELY increased.

Joshua was on time, very pleasant and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend and will be calling him in the future.“

“Joshua is awesome, he did a fantastic job cleaning the panels. I already see a huge increase in solar production. He's professional, knowledgeable and very friendly, as well as beating all the competing companies prices. They also do pest abatement. Will be coming back again and again.”

Common Questions

“How often should I have my solar cleaned?” 

-At a minimum it is best to get your panels cleaned 2 times a year. We offer discounts to customers that sign up for service agreements.

”Is it really necessary for me to have my panels cleaned?”

-YES! Although this may not be a big selling point for solar companies telling their customers they have to get the panels cleaned at least 2 times a year but it is in the fine print of your customer agreement. Not cleaning your solar can result  in you losing up to 40% of its production capability.