About Us


Long-Term Care For Your System

Bird droppings, leaves, weather conditions, dirt, dust, grime, and much more can affect the productivity of your system up to 40%! Solar Shine focuses on restoring your homes energy with a deep cleaning process for every single panel. We are now serving Northern California. We also offer a range of services that include: Pest Abatement, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing Services, and Window Cleaning.


A Solar Panel Cleaning Company You Can Trust

We are a small family owned business that has just launched this May 8th of 2018. We are a fully licensed and fully insured business. My name is Joshua and I am the owner/operator. I am the sole cleaner for the company at the time due to my extensive experience in the solar industry. I have installed and inspected over 25,000 panels collectively. The numbers are here to prove that your solar system is suffering because one or more of many conditions and I am here to make sure that we get your system shining and producing properly!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

With 5 years in the solar industry and over 12 years in customer service your satisfaction is guaranteed with my company. My customers are all guaranteed a 10% increase in productivity. The largest increase we as a company have seen from a cleaning was 36%. We also offer pest abatement services for people that may have issues with pigeon nesting. We get rid of the nest, clean up the mess, and make sure they never come back with special pigeon nets!